Thursday, 10 November 2011

It will be back??


Weather forecast : North Malaysia maybe will has flood crisis again this year! Before it becomes reality, we can do some 'revision' by looking at these photos....Don't worry, all these photos already in' Hari dalam Sejarah' record!Can you recognize where are those place?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

How is Your IQ about chemistry?

1) Aurum, Latin Silver, Argentum
Which from the above is silver?

2) Antimony, Silicon, Sulphur
Which from the above is stibium?

Don't know the answer?? Looks like you are not really know chemistry...
Go to
test yourself!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

EXAM ...sem1 2011/2012

It's exam now for matriculation students!As a student, of course they do need help from lecturers to solve their misconception! That's why each unit for a college usually will held 'talk' for students! The outcome? majority of students, especially those really did their revision will get benefits from he talk but for those who never do revision ...they will keep continue their blur until last minute! Thank you for the lecturer from USM who is invited to KMK for Chemistry talk: Answering Technique  in Chemistry . Students are so thankful for his help!


 competition : Create and make a Volcano had been run by Chemistry Unit KMK. This competition was joined by KMK students in Chemistry Labs KMK. The main material that students used is plasticine because it is soft and easier to make it into any shape. All those 'products' is judge by the head of Chemistry Unit KMK and few lecturers. 
PHOTOS:( clockwise from top left: head of Chemistry Unit KMK and few lecturers are judging the products; a group of competitors are explaining their product to a lecturer; a group of competitors are doing the shape of their volcano;a group of competitors are adding some extra material to their volcano)

Journal : What role for ICT in T&L Chemistry

Technological progress impacts on our everyday lives with an ever-increasing frequency and effect. How advances in technology might influence teaching and learning must be of special importance to us, as chemical educators. We need to plan carefully how we respond to these advances, if we don't just wish to allow ourselves to be swept along unthinkingly in the current of technological innovation. We need to adopt a proactive and informed attitude towards our teaching to make the most effective use of emerging technologies. We need to reflect carefully on our own teaching practices, preferably with the benefit of a conception of teaching and learning well informed by educational research.

This paper will consider several general questions related to the role of ICT in chemical education as that technology develops in the coming years. What might we look forward to? What will our students need to learn? What do we know about learning and how should we teach? How might we best use technology? The paper also includes examples of educational research concerning ICT and of some useful resources for the teaching of chemistry using ICT.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

population of 7 billion

Do you ever think about how many people on earth now?
 It's 7 Billion!!! what a NUMBER....if everyone gather at one place, we will be one of the dot in the picture above?
National Geographic published the issue about the population of 7 billion in the volume as shown. We can know about what will be challenges that we are going to face and overcome in the future to support the population and soon to be increase. Find out more...